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Your membership contribution to Alewife Cove Conservancy will help to promote programs that will protect and preserve Alewife Cove and its surrounding ecosystem. Donations will fund research studies, citizen science activities, and cleanup days. Additionally, educational and cultural programs will bring awareness to life in, on and around Alewife Cove. 

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Dam Removal - Led by our Partners from Save The Sound (S.T.S.)

A priority of the Alewife Cove Conservancy and our partners is to restore the spawning of the alewife herring. The fish need to access these spawning waters from the Atlantic Ocean to Long Island Sound to Alewife Cove and ultimately to Fenger Brook. The alewife herring have been unable to access these waters due to the dam, which is now slated to be removed. It is important to note that there has been a reduction in the presence of other species as a result of the absence of the alewife. Namely, aquatic birds, such as the osprey, eagles, egrets, and predatory fish and mammals rely on the alewife herring as a food source.

Future Plans for Post-Hurricane Sandy Dredging

Following the devastating Super Storm Sandy, the Cove was left with tons of sand and silt from the Sound that was washed and blown into the estuary. The erosion of the dunes surrounding the Cove and the sand bars is now impeding the proper tidal flow of water into and out of the Cove on a daily basis.

​We are seeking support from individuals, government sources, private partners, and environmental groups to plan and finance the necessary dredging of Alewife Cove.

A Major Development: Save The Sound Receives $100,000 Grant

The non-profit organization, Save The Sound, has received a $100,000 grant from the State of Connecticut to remove two dams in Southeastern Connecticut. One of the projects will be to dismantle the dam on the north side of Alewife Cove, which will help enable the return of alewife herring to the Cove. The Alewife Cove Conservancy (ACC) is working with Save The Sound throughout this endeavor. The ACC is grateful for the efforts of STS, which will benefit the residents, visitors, and ecosystem of this vital area for years to come.

Volunteer Alewife Monitoring Training

On March 15th at the Ocean Beach classroom we conducted our 2019 season Alewife Cove volunteer monitoring training.  Click here to view a slideshow of the training.  For more information, email