What We Do

Conserve the Fragile Alewife Cove

a. The Cove is an estuary of Long Island Sound, crucial for alewife spawning and the well being of the osprey, among other creatures.

b. The Cove offers opportunities to understand the eco-system from the perspective of science – for regional students, researchers, and citizen scientists.

c. In addition, the Cove offers recreation for people of all ages and unique access to children of color.

d. Alewife Cove is part of the cultural legacy of the region. It has a huge potential for helping people to reconsider the long history of how humans have settled in this region using our waterways as a fundamental organizing principle.

Educational Opportunities

The Cove offers opportunities for regional students, researchers, and curious citizen “scientists” to understand and appreciate the ecosystem from the perspective of science.

In addition, the Cove offers a place for recreation, relaxation and reflection for people of all ages. As an example, our partner and ACC Board member, The New England Science and Sailing (NESS) regularly brings local students from public schools to participate in educational and recreational activities. NESS is particularly proud of their efforts to provide access to the waterway for underserved students.

Plans for Post-Sandy Dredging

a. After the devastating super storm Sandy, the Cove has been left with tons of sand and silt from the Sound, blown into the estuary, straining the spawning of several species of fish and disrupting the eco-system of the many local birds, including the precious osprey.

b. We need to find support from individuals, government sources, private partners, and environmental groups to plan and finance the needed dredging of Alewife Cove.